GO! Team

The Greening Operations (GO!) Team was formed in the summer of 2009 as a student resource group to provide waste, water, and lighting audit services as well as educational and outreach services. BS@C receives many requests for these services throughout the semester but has always faced a shortage of trained students who weren’t already occupied with other projects. Thus the idea of GO! Team was born: for a group of trained students to be prepared to provide these services on a case-by-case basis throughout the semester.

GO! Team recruited its first ten students in the fall of 2009. These students were split up into two five-person branches: special events composting and outreach/education. The special event branch focuses on helping event organizers keep their events sustainable by helping event attendees properly dispose of their waste. The educational/outreach branch focuses on working in specific buildings to provide sustainability presentations tailored to building inhabitants. For example, the outreach branch worked in the Physical Plant and Campus Services office building to create an educational presentation for building inhabitants and provide incentives for them to reduce their consumption. GO! Team accepts new students at the beginning of every semester. If you’re interested in joining, contact Anna Yip at

Team members will be involved in a variety of collaborative projects on campus related to sustainability.  Past projects include educational outreach at various campus events as well as waste and energy audits for campus buildings and cafes.  GO! Team offers a chance to work closely with other like-minded students and campus administrators to help Cal go green.